My Top Ten Romcoms

Hey Cool Girls! Valentine's Day is well on its way and love is most definitely in the air. If you're anything like me, you're probably psyching yourself up by watching romantic comedies (because, let's face it, who doesn't love them?). These movies are my tried and tested go-to's. In fact, I love them so much I even have them stored in my hard-drive so I can watch them anytime I want! When I'm overwhelmed with work I may even leave them playing the background ;)

In case you all need help figuring out what to download/stream, I've put together a list of my top ten romcoms for your viewing pleasure! 

1. Notting Hill

I'd be lying if I said When You Say Nothing At All doesn't give me butterflies... this might have come out in 1999, but that song, just like this movie, is timeless.

2. 10 Things I Hate About You

'nuff said. 

3. Love, Rosie

Okay, I'm just gonna come right out and say it: I cannot.get.enough. of Lily Collins. She's gorgeous from head to toe - not that I've seen her toes, but I'm guessing (haha). 

Everything from the plot, cast, to the colors (the lush, lush colors that make this film eye candy) is worth indulging in.

FUN FACT: Lily Collins, in case you were wondering, is indeed the daughter of Phil Collins!  

4. Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist

New York is one of those cities I've yet to visit, but love already. I read the book when I was 16 and loved it (if you haven't yet and love YA, I highly suggest you go out and get a copy). When I found out they were turning it into a movie, I was both excited and skeptical. I'm beyond happy it didn't disappoint!

Now if you haven't seen this one (lucky you, getting to experience it for the first time!), I want you to really pay attention to the music. It's easy to get wrapped up in the charming screenplay, but I implore you to listen to every single little musical gem they've included in there. Absolutely magical. I still play that soundtrack on repeat from time to time. 

5. Before Sunrise

Turn everything off. Put this on. Listen. Enjoy. <3

6. Midnight in Paris

I can only wish that somewhere in a parallel universe, I'm living out the plot of this film. If you haven't seen it yet and do so because of this list, well, you're welcome.

7. 13 Going on 30

I'll admit: this one had me crying. Sure, I may be a crybaby, but you can't deny that the lessons learned are universal. Be thankful for what you have.

8. Love Actually

You can't have a Top Ten list for Valentine's Day without including this gem! From the unpredictable (at first)  storylines to all the lovable characters, this one never gets old. This movie will have you hung up on love (in all forms) even long after the movie's ended. 

9. 50 First Dates

If you want a feel-good film that will make you laugh and cry all while falling in love, this is it

10. Clueless

You think I could've ended this list without this? As if! ;) 

Also: helloooooooooo 90's Paul Rudd <3


I have a ton more but, let's face it, it would take me forever to write them all down. Since it's no secret that this is my fave movie genre and I love discovering new ones, what are your favourites? Share your suggestions in the comments below!

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